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Diamond Saw Blade (35)

Specifications 1.High diamond concentration 2.Long lifespan and stable performance 3.Efficient cutting of a diverse range of materials Introduction: General Purpose Standard Segmented diamond saw ...[Read More]

2014-03-07 08:47:07

Specifications 1. High diamond concentration 2. Close blade serration insures chip free. 3. Long lasting fast cutting performance. Diamond Saw Blades Turbo 1. High diamond concentration 2. Close blade ...[Read More]

2014-03-07 08:47:07

Specifications 1 High diamond concentration 2. Hot pressed and cold pressed are available. 3.Extra long segment. DIAMOND SAW BLADES SEGMENTED. 1 High diamond concentration 2. Hot sintered and cold ...[Read More]

2014-03-07 08:47:07

Specifications 1.Adopt German technique, formulation and sintering apparatus, made precisely by high-strength diamond; 2.180 Dry Cutting disc Size: 110 mm, 125mm,150mm,180mm,230mm etc. Arbor diameter: ...[Read More]

2014-03-07 08:47:07

Specifications Dry Diamond Saw Blade Long life, fast cutting speed Dry cutting diamond saw blade segmented diamond saw blades Application: General Purpose, Concrete, Block, Brick, Stone, Paving Usage: ...[Read More]

2014-03-07 08:47:07

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